Introducing the Owner


HERE I AM ITS 2018 and I am so blessed. So many people ask me what made me start this business. What made me want to make candles. I have always wanted to be a huge business mogul and be my own boss. I didn’t know what industry I wanted to be in. But, I did know if I was to sell something, I didn’t want to sell anyone else’s products. I am Ivana the owner/creator of Scentsational Flame. Why candles? I love candles. I love the ambience they give you. I love the smell of them. I really love how you can come home from a long day of work and light a candle to unwind. I have always been known as a very nice person. I am what you call an emotional creature. With learning who I am as a person that made me realize creating candles were for me. I stand for love. I stand for truth. I stand for empowerment. I stand for equality. With all of that, I decided to create the ultimate “candle.” A candle that one sniff will give you the most beautiful Smile; a candle that when you light it, peace just goes all through your body; A candle that gives you the ambience of any room; A candle that takes those not so good days and turn them into a beautiful outcome. I know you probably thinking, “your candle do all of that?” And my answer to that is yes! You see this is not your regular “commercial” made candle. This candle is made with love. This candle is made by a person who has hope. This candle is made by a person who wants to share joy, happiness, & peace. With a person like that making your candle, that is priceless. Energy is everything. If you have good energy, spread it. I want each person in the world to share the love, peace, truth, & happiness I strive to give each and everyday. Why did I start this business you ask? I want to give hope. I want to give love. I want to show each person anything is possible. A dream is a dream without work. But, if you work really hard and never give up, the possibilities are endless. I want people to know hard work pays off. I work hard each and everyday to be an example for every young girl, young boy, and even Adults. As we get older dreams don’t die. Don’t give up on your dreams. What some may laugh at, plenty are out there rooting for you to win. Experience a Scentsational Flame candle. Take time light it up and let your imaginations soar. Then end the evening with a nice treat to your body and oil up with it! That’s right use your candle as a warm body oil. Dare to dream! Welcome to the journey of Scentsational Flame. Hang on tight it will be quite the adventure.