Scent Descriptions

Scent Descriptions:

Whipped Cream: fresh bowl of peaches blended with cream

Dear Diary: an uplifting tropical blend of sun-kissed mango & pineapple with a pinch of cilantro.

Lovers Island: peaches and mango swirled in notes of lemon and orange with a tropical twist

Country Swagg: your favorite summer fruit with a cold glass of ice lemonade

Ladies Night: a dewy ozonic floral scent blended with the nectar of a peach

Brown Sugar: a unique unisex blend of mahogany, sandalwood, vanilla, and a drop of bourbon.

Cashmere: sweet sprinkles over a bed of flowers with a smooth creamy finish.

Pillow Talk: a night with your significant other and the ambience is sweet, soft, and intimate.

Sweetest Taboo: warm, cozy, and relaxing creating the perfect ambience all year long with notes of vanilla tonka, amber, cocoa, coconut.

Romance Me: sweet berries, vanilla, chocolate, and  sweet kisses

Bloom: the perfect magnolia flower wrapped around a fresh peach squeezed.

Lemongrass: a classic lemon scent

AMOUR: OUR SIGNATURE SCENT: Apples, berries, and cherries with vanilla sugar sprinkled on top. What love is truly.

Tropical Oasis:  a vacation in a jar!!! Notes of bana, pineapple, coconut, and vanilla.

Sweetest Desire: Imagine a lemon drizzled with sugar and creamy vanilla frosting.